Windows Easy Admin

The IT Infrastructure Analyst, IT Ops Engg., Systems Admin, IT Support Engg., IT Helpdesk Engg. Companies changes and Job tittles change but the responsibilities over lap and mix. My quest to make work fun, simple, joy and easy has lead collect, source and use various utilities and tools that will help in a very easy and fun filled work flow with computers and IT systems.

Here is a tools and utilities software collection that make System Administration easy and simple. If a hard working Admin cannot have a beautiful wallpaper on his screen then the Admin can at least have one complete set utility tools that make the brow sweat free and achieve deadlines. 

DigestIt - a utility that integrates into the windows explorer ans is used for checking MD5 or SHA digest check sums.

WIPFW - a very light weight firewall that is very effective and has very good logging. The firewall rules have to be written/configured by editing a text configuration file so its not for the layman user or the faint hearted system admin.

K9 Web Protection -  a very light weight web filtering for personal use. install and forget it kind. Runs out of the box without any configuration but can be configured to suite one's taste.

Zenmap - nmap for windows to scan system ports and vulnerabilities, easy, fast and simple to use.