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Flat 201, Sivams Mansarovar Site:
Opp Andhra Bank, Deepthisree Nagar Mob: 9573170303
Madinaguda, Hyderabad-500049 ITPIN: 801082200605 Availability: 3 months
Citizenship: Indian & UK

Seeking Management position in IT Support, IT Data-center and IT Infrastructure and Operational Management utilizing my Technical Expertise in Data-center Infrastructure and Project Management capability with a technology-driven organization.
My background, which encompasses both system development and systems operations, gives me unusual insight as to what is required to create systems that are scalable, reliable, and easy to administer. I bring a wealth of experience to any project as to what works in the real world and what doesn't, giving me the ability to lead a project away from common traps and pitfalls.
Responsible for bringing measured approach to the infrastructure architecture that resulted in reduction in complexity and cost and improved stability of critical applications
Responsible for IT Infrastructure automation using various automation tools and owner ship of IT Infrastructure and Deployment Cycle
I actively publish IT Data center and IT infrastructure articles at I actively contribute HOW TO Documentation to the website and have published articles there. I also write and maintain open source Linux utilities at


  • Networking Concepts, Network Security, Unix Admin (Solaris 10) Brainbench 2008
  • RHCSA in RHEL5 in 2007 from RedHat - 100-012-731
  • BCom (Accounting and Commerce) 199598INDIA Osmania University
  • UNIX & C Programming Certificate (1992) APTECH
  • Diploma in CSc & E (Comp. Sc. & Eng.) 1987 – 90 – INDIA Board Tech Edu Karnataka

Project & Managerial Competencies

  • IT Systems Design & Architecture
  • Adv knowledge of virtualization environment of both servers and applications along with the use of hypervisor technologies
  • Knowledge of redundancy and high availability for mission critical compute environments
  • Advanced knowledge of Firewalls and Load Balancing technologies
  • Functional knowledge of network virtualization and tunneling
  • Strong knowledge in the functions and features in cloud / data center environment
  • Adv knowledge in Enterprise architecture, infrastructure deployments and solutions design
  • Exceptional command of datacenter technologies, such as Virtualization and Storage & Backup solutions
  • Experience with High availability Data Center design experience and big data models
  • Understanding of Database architectures and design
  • Responsible for bringing measured approach to the infrastructure architecture that resulted in reduction in complexity and cost and improved stability of critical applications
  • Analyze and test products for their enhancements and performance
  • Provide 24 x 7 x 365 operations including IT Data-center, Web Applications, Monitoring and Alerting, Security systems.
  • Own and deploy builds, releases and patch release cycles
  • Develop and oversee Event / Incident / Problem / Configuration and Change Management Processes for IT Infrastructure Operations.
  • Manage initiatives to update infrastructure components and sub-systems. Define scope; develop work plans and successfully delivery of initiatives.
  • Develops processes to manage operations, assists in technical standards development, assists in architecture development, staffing and staff development and leadership.
  • Manage staff, mentoring and line management.
  • Define and report Key Performance Indicators to monitor process health.
  • Contribute to, enhance and implement Security policies and procedures for IT Infrastructure.
  • Conduct System Outage Analysis to prevent the re-occurrence of incidents.
  • Third party vendor management, liaison with Business partners and Associates
  • Overseeing the maintenance of Servers and Storage’s,setting-up SLA's with various groups
  • Addressing performance bottlenecks and ensuring maximum system up-time.
  • Managing all the technology related requirements, including technical feasibility study, selection, up-gradation / migration of hardware, software, database and applications.
  • Implementing operational procedures & ensuring secure and error-free operations.
  • Holding frequent review meetings / discussions to discuss project progress.
  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of information systems and all internal applications
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for all internal applications and computer systems operations and development
  • Meet with managers to discuss system requirements, specifications, costs and time-lines
Experience Details

  • Hosting Systems Manager Dec 21 to Till Date
Own Company
Involved in Architectural Design and Development of Hosted Applications in the data center. Complete involvement in Systems Development and Architecture, End to End.

Responsible for end to end technical solution design & development

Application of sound design principles that ensure robust and scalable solutions.
Provide in-depth technical and business knowledge to programming teams to ensure efficient
design, programming and implementation.
Lead teams including vendors and be ultimately accountable for the full lifecycle of the

Overall technical lead and responsible for the IT Infrastructure in the portfolio.

A sound understanding of the key business activities/domain. An ability to think about
business processes outside of the technology context.

Sound understanding of the IT Solution and Architecture processes.

Interact with domain experts to understand the data and the business challenges.

Drive innovation ideas / discussions and Proof of Concepts.

Defining architectural roadmap for reporting and analytics in strong alignment with
Enterprise Architecture team, managing technology relationships various stakeholders across

Identify potential solution options, defining selection criteria; establishing
prototypes; and driving requirements ensuring alignment with delivery of business value.

  • Dev Ops Manager Mar 2013 to Dec 2015
Snapwiz Edutec Pvt Ltd Bangalore – Java Product development company
Complete IT Operations of the company. Twelve-year experience for excellence in reducing costs, increasing productivity, driving innovation, and automation for the company's organizations within challenging technology roll-outs and open source software.

Hand-selected to lead major corporate initiatives for reputation as a problem solver, cross-functional team coordinator, consensus-builder, and driver of automation and streamlining production deployment.

Instrumental in reducing cost and energy footprint by driving a data-center visualization within the company

Operations Management Team building & Leadership
Multi-Site Operations Release Management
IT Materials Management Systems Design & Architecture
3rd line Support Cost Reduction/Containment
Incident Support Consensus Building
Process design Procedure Development

  • Systems / Infrastructure Manager Linux Architect Jan 2011 – to Feb 2013
Bellamkonda IT Consulting LimitedFree lancing and working for own Company
Contracted at Human Rights High Commission
Building & Overseeing the maintenance of Enterprise Servers, Clusters & Storage's, Addressing performance bottlenecks and ensuring maximum system up-time. Managing all the technology related requirements, including technical feasibility study, selection, procurement. Implementing operational procedures & ensuring secure and error-free operations. Holding frequent review meetings / discussions to discuss project progress, IT infrastructure risk analysis and infra life cycle management.
Handled all Data center and IT Infrastructure projects like Systems design, server consolidation, Systems migration, Systems Security, Capacity Planning, Quality Assurance, Co-Location, System Resilience and DR, System High Availability. . Create systems that are scalable, reliable, and easy to administer. Ownership of all IT Infrastructure, applications and issues and providing resolution to SLA's. Amazon cloud computing and application support. Perform BAU tasks and projects and maintain enterprise private clouds..

  • Senior IT OperationsIndependent Platform Technical Lead
Investis Ltd. UK Mar 2009 – Dec 2010.
Creating highly scalable, distributed, service-oriented systems utilizing around open tools and open standards. Projects involving upgrading and migrating production systems and application tire's to new hardware and latest version software involving many production systems. These involved web applications, web farms, HA DB clusters and monitoring systems.
Company wide Infrastructure ownership and lead for Dedicated Platform. Perform proof of concept, designing and implementing infrastructure projects. Liaison with IT Business Vendors and Technology Partners. Successfully implemented several upgrade projects and implemented complete cost effective and reliable systems for business critical projects with out any outages or delays. Security audits for internal infrastructure and external client sites. Scoping, Designing and Implementing low cost and open source solutions. Developed deployment process, change control policies, upgrades, methods and procedures. Mentoring, Training and knowledge transfer to team members. Appraisals of team members. Team member performance evaluations. Both Physical and Virtual Data-center and Hybrid Private cloud. DR and co-location. IaaS, SaaS used.

  • Senior Infrastructure Analyst
Unichem Ltd. UK (Part of Alliance Boots) Sep 2006Dec 31 2008.
Senior in a team of 5. Group wide IT Infrastructure Ownership and Support. Change Management and ITIL, Communicating and liaising with the Project Development teams, Application Support teams, Business Services team, Network Support Team and Desktop Support Team apart from IT departments from other companies within the Group and with IT Business Vendors and Partners. Developed and suggested processes and methods for implementation and upgrades.

  • IT Systems Administrator
Ascent Media Group UK June 2005. -Sep 2006
2nd and 3rd line support for Windows based Infrastructure, Citrix, DNS, NAS File & Print Servers. Used Fedora Core 5 for NAS Server and internal Avaya IP Phone website.
Self initiated and deputed projects to improve SLAs and Help-desk. ITIL and SOX Compliance.

  • Server Administrator / Systems Lead
ICS Websolutions Ltd UK Nov 2000April 2005
were an SME providing ISP services, infrastructure support, computer supplies and procurement services in and around LONDON. At the time when ICS-Resources went Insolvent I was responsible for Hosting and Web solutions on Linux RedHat/Fedora and Windows Infrastructure, E-commerce solutions, IT & IS Consulting services, Its Infrastructure consisted of INHOUSE servers (WEB, DNS, E-MAIL, Chat and Fileserver, etc) connected to the INTERNET through WAN Links, Hosting servers in a data farm, Local LAN. RedHat 7/8 and Fedora Core 5 used along with Apache 1.3 & 2 for web servers with Perl, PHP and MySQL access.

  • Founding Partner / Managing Partner GIIT
India, September 1998 – May 2000 (1 year 7 months)
GIIT offered IT and Computer courses, Corporate Training, with a systems facility open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm and a Rota of 17 employees. Later sold out and emigrated to UK.

  • Lab In-charge / Systems Manager - Aptech Ltd., India
India, December 1994 – August 1998 (3 years 9 months)
APTECH is IT EDUCATION COMPANY established worldwide. I was leading a support team of 15 members in two shifts for the day-to-day help and support of 1500+ users.
Training team members, appraisal reports and ISO 9001 documentation. Costing, Budgeting and IT Operations planning. Project Implementation and solution procedures.

  • Branch Manager - ICSS, India
    India, October 1993– November 1994 (1 year 2 months)
ICSS is a leading Educational Institute in Andhra Pradesh in India. Unix(SYS V) and Windows Infrastructure. I was the Branch Manager of Nizambad District.
  • Course Coordinator - BCIT, India
    India, March 1991 – August 1993 (2 years 6 months)
BCIT, leading IT Education Company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India offered IT and Computer courses. As a Course Coordinator I taught Computer languages and Operating systems, assisted in preparing course material for the students.


  • Complete Virtual Data-center Development for the company
Env – Built: DEV/QA/UAT/Production
OS: Linux Centos.
Application: Virtual box, Vagrant
Role: Architect and Design :Team 4
Description: Complete building of the above Environments in a visualized environment

  • Load Balancer Stack
OS: Linux
Application: Zen Load-balancing Stack
Role: Architect and Design, Team: 4
Description: Creating a LB stack for internal QA & DEV web systems

  • Complete IaaS Dev Infrastructure for in-house development (Virtual and Physical)
OS: Linux CentOS, Openstack
Application: Tomcat 6, Apache
Role: Architect and Design, Team: 3
Description: Consolidation of Data-center and servers using visualization by moving and building new servers for internal Development.

  • Drupal Webfarm and Load-balancing
OS: Linux RHEL5
Application: Apache, Drupal Multisite implementation, Hardware LB
Role: Architect and Design, Team: 5
Description: Implement a Internet facing Web Farm for the client that will suffice to a million upwards page hits every week

  • Zabbix Monitoring
OS: Linux RHEL5
Application: Zabbix Enterprise Monitoring and Alerting
Role: Architect and Design, Team: 5
Description: Deploy a Datacenter wide Infrastructure Monitoring and Alerting system using an opensource prtoduct for alerting and detecting production servers downtime.

  • Tridion CMS & Webfarm
OS: Linux RHEL5
Application: Tomcat 6, Tridion CMS, Oracle 10
Role: Design Help and Implementation, Team: 3
Description: Complete implementation and Installation of software and hardware Infrastructure, building a complete production system for an internet facing web-farm and a CMS for content management by editors, authors and content contributors.

  • Complete Dev and Test Infrastructure for in-house development (Virtual and Physical)
OS: Linux RHEL5, VMWare ESX3i
Application: Tomcat 6, Apache, Squid, Tridion CMS
Role: Architect and Design, Team: 2
Description: Consolidation of Data-center and servers using virtualisation by moving and building new servers for inter Dev and Q&A teams.

  • Client Infrastructure Hardware/Software upgrade, Security Audits and Penetration Tests
OS: Linux RHEL5, Linux Slackware 10
Application: Tomcat 6, Apache, MySQL, Tridion CMS.
Role: Design and Implementation, Audit and Pen-Test management, Team: 3
Description: Complete upgrade of Data-center Hardware Infrastructure and upgrade of OS and Applications and migration of data content and upgrade of RDBMS Application

  • Bespoke Enterprise wide JAVA Application running on LINUX Cluster
OS: Linux RHEL4
Application: Bespoke JAVA Application
Role: Implementation as team member, Team: 2
Description: A bespoke JAVA clustered application tier of 73 physical systems of IBM Blades used in a pharmaceuticals warehouses spanned across multi-site locations

  • DR Implementations and co-location
OS: Linux RHEL4, RHEL5
Application: Apache, Tomcat, Bespoke JAVA App.
Role: Implementation as team member, Team: 5
Description: Exact replication of servers and applications in a co-location data-center to avoid downtime in production systems.


Simple Linux Auditing
Basic Linux system auditing is a bit tricky and data collected and information of that is out of place and readability is not that good. Recently this led me to put together a Open Source code project and develop simple BASH scripts that do the job nicely.
The code and tar ball can be downloaded from both google code or from SourceForge's website and the project website has links to documentation, help, installation and code.
The Auditor utilities can be safely copied/extracted into /usr/local/bin as this folder is in the path settings in most linux distributions. The utilities work well with the latest versions of RHEL, FEDORA, CENTOS, OPENSUSE, UBUNTU, DEBIAN, SLACKWARE

VSFTPD Virtual User Bash Scripts
These BASH script set have been written with the purpose of making the administration of VSFTPD virtual users easy, like creation, deletion, update. The scripts assume that pam_userdb is being used for Authentication along with local shell users.
The Scripts are very customizable with a single .conf file and can be used in internal VLAN office senarios and in small to medium Production servers which face the internet.

Keep It Simple – IT
Keep it simple is the only philosophy that drives everything, from Nature to Machine, today Humans fall some were in between.
I have handled all Data-center and IT Infrastructure projects like server consolidation, Systems migration, Systems design, Systems Security, Capacity Planning, Quality Assurance, Co-Location, System Resilience and DR, System High Availability, System Application Release Process Cycle.
On a day-to-day basis dealt with liaising with different teams at a team-lead level and adviced on technical matters. Consultation with different work-groups like Data center team, Infrastructure team, Network team, Development team and DBA teams.
This blog is a give back some thing to the IT sector that I work in.

Enterprise Wide Applications Used in Previous Roles

  • Redhat, Debian, OpenSUSE, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Slackware Linux
  • Tomcat Application Server, JAVA, J2EEE
  • Apache, MYSQL and PHP implementations - LAMP
  • BASH scripting, Basic PHP and Pyrthon Scripting.
  • MailserversSendmail, Dovcot, Exim, Postfix
  • Squid Proxying, Squid Caching, CDN Networks
  • VSFTPD FTP Server, NFS, SAMBA FileShare
  • Network NLB and Fail-over HA Clustering
  • Cloud Infrastructure – Openstack, Eucalyptus, Vagrant & Fabric, AWS
Platform Independent
  • ESX VMWare Virtual Farm and Virtual Data Center, Zen, KVM, Virtualbox
  • SAN and NAS data storage systems, IBM SVC, Freenas, Openfiler, Starwind SAN.
  • TSM Backup (IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager, an enterprise wide tape backup system)
  • Firewall, Web Filtering, Antivirus, IDS, IPS (Macfee,CISCO,Smoothwall,PFSense,SNORT)
  • Pen tests and security auditsWikto, Powerfuzzer, Sensepost, Nmap, Nexpose
  • Network security Audits - Lannetscan Website and Network scanners
  • Zabbix,Nagios/Nagvis, Opsview Monitoring & Alerting and Puppet Deployment systems
  • Drupal, Joomla, Tridion, Sitecore, Wiki, Alfresco Content Management System
  • Load Balanced Web Farms, F5 and Altheon load balancer, Zen Load Balancer
  • ITIL. SO/x and ISO, Ticket systems and auditing hands on experience and know how
  • Private and Public cloud computing, Amazon AWS, IaaS, MaaS, SaaS and PaaS
  • Jenkins Continuous Integration

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