About Me

I am a IT Professional who has a 18 year work experience in varied roles within the Information Technology Data Center Department. I am as simple and common as you and have no special abilities except a innovative mind and a flair to make simple and logical solutions for IT and IT Data center problems.

Keep it simple is the only philosophy that drives everything, from Nature to Machine, today Humans fall some were in between.  

I have handled all Data-center and IT Infrastructure projects like server consolidation, Systems migration, Systems design, Systems Security, Co-Location, System Resilience and DR, System High Availability.

On a day-to-day basis dealt with liaising with different teams at a team-manager level and adviced on technical matters. Consultation with different work-groups like Data center team, Infrastructure team, Network team, Development team and DBA teams.

This blog is a give back some thing to the IT sector that I work in.

Thanks for coming by.

- Bellamkonda Sudhakar.