Thursday, 5 January 2012

Microsoft Windows ISCSI SAN & Clusters - 2

Here in page 2 we will connect a client to a SAN iSCSI Target that we created in the previous blog presented here

 Lets Assume that the system is a 2003 server and the Microsoft iSCSI initiator is installed. There will be a link to the iSCSI initiator on the desktop and in the control panel. Double click it to open up the interface and follow the screen prints.

 When installing the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator tick the MPIO support for iSCSI.
 Open the Interface and click the Discovery tab and click Add

 Enter the ip address of the SAN iSCSI Target server

 Next click tab Targets and it should show the disk. Click logon and tick Automatic restore connection at system reboot.

 Click OK and the SAN iSCSI disk is added to the system. Open the disk management interface and check if the disk is present. Format it and check that the disk drive letter is appropriate.

If you are using this SAN iSCSI disk for a cluster then add this disk at all the nodes as shown and add it to the cluster resource.
- Bellamkonda Sudhakar

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