Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Windows 7 Security with K9 Web Protection, Clam Antivirus and Rapport

Here I am presenting a How To for the installation of K9 Web Protection and Clam AV Antivirus.

Downloads form their website:
K9 Web Protection Get your license which is free
Clamwin AV

After downloading these software in your downloads folder or where ever you choose to save them, open that folder and start with Clamwin setup.

In Clamwin, the installer presents with the choice to add a Browser bar and you can opt out by unticking the option as in the figure below.
 Click Next, You will see the next figure

In this window you can either choose to keep the Windows Explorer and Outlook Integration or remove it and then click next

If you have a fast internet connection its is ok to keep the tick to download virus batabase, else untick it and click next.

The installation will successful finish and you will have a icon in the system tray as shown here.

Double clicking the tray icon brings up the user interface as shown in this figure and from here you can scan and clean your files and folders and you will additionally have realtime virus protection.

The K9 installation is much more easy and simpler with just two clicks and a reboot. Open the folder where you downloaded the software and doubleclike it. The window show will be displayed

Enter the license that you have obtained from K9 web protection, usually sent to your email that you gave at the download page when you downloaded the software. Additionally a K9 Administrator password is asked, this can be any password that you choose, use a good one. This password is required when you need to change the filtering and parental control parameters. Click install and with successful installation you need to reboot.

Click on and reboot. After rebooting except for the program entry in the start menu there you will not notice it. From the programs menu click on K9 Web Protection. This will open your browser with the user interface. On clicking setup you will need to enter the password given while installation.

Enter the password and browse the K9 Configuration. Leaving the protection configuration at what it is, the default is good enough and you now have realtime protection while browsing the internet and is an added peace of mind.

Adding to the above two there is a solution to keep the online banking transactions secure and protected from phishing / scamming sites. This software is called Rapport and is from a company called Trusteer whose details, information can be found at http://www.trusteer.com/product/trusteer-rapport

- Sudhakar Bellamkonda