Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Network Firewall Auditor and Checker for Linux - A Bash Script for System Admins

On a day to day work load, starting one with simple task to complex multiple tasks, IT System Administrators and all other personnel who look after the IT Data Centre and IT Infrastructure, sometimes find that they have to run a multiple command set, that to for simple information. In recent times the Desktop GUI and the relative backend tools that make the Linux System have advanced well, but for remote system administration, unlike Windows where RDT can be used, Sysadmin's prefer a shell and a command line interface for its simplicity and speed.

Keeping that in mind this bash script was written to simplify the task where a Linux system needs to be audited and network details and information presented in a readable form. This script brings various aspects of the networking sub-system like firewall, network services, ports open, gateways etc. into a single file in a very readable form set.


The hard working Sysadmin will find this a handy tool as it creates a audit file with additional information along with the above shown screen.

Script Dependencies: The following utils and tools need be available and are usually available in the default install of all current known Linux Distributions.

Works beautifully and hard for the Sysadmin and generates easy to comprehend information out of the various network settings.

Compatibility: Was put to test on current right, left and centre popular distributions and found OK with the following.

Download: Copy it to your favourite folder and use it as any other bash script.
net-audit-checker-v05 or download the Utils Linux Easy Admin Utils, website at

Usage: ./netadtchk-v05 -h

Linux is a excellent OS and when scripts and tools like this are in hand work become more fun.

Please let me know how you find it and ask if you have any queries.

- Bellamkonda Sudhakar

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